How do I update my Grant's tags?

To update your Grant's tags, you should fill out our discovery and eligibility tags Google form.
To update the tags on your Grant, please complete the discovery and eligibility tags Google form.

The information we require

In the form, please include the following information:
  • A direct link to the Grant
  • The tags you would like to add to the Grant
  • For each tag: the reason you believe your Grant is eligible for the tag
Requests without ALL of the required information may not be processed correctly due to the volume of inquiries we receive.


During a Grant Round, we aim to complete all new tag requests within 48-72 hours. However, due to the volume of inquiries, it might take longer than this.
If a specific tag was not approved, then the round owner decided your Grant didn't meet the criteria.
The decision on Eligibility Tags is final and cannot be appealed. If your grant is eligible it will be included in applicable rounds.