Introduction to Appeals for Denied Grants
Big-picture introduction to Gitcoin Appeals for denied grants.
Gitcoin ensures each grant application gets a written-review by multiple members of the Fraud Detection & Defence (FDD) workstream who try to determine if a grant and its applicant are compliant with the relevant Grant Eligibility Policy. More about the FDD workstream can be found on our Notion page.
Compliant grants get recommended for inclusion in various levels of Gitcoin grant funding. Non-compliant grants get recommended for exclusion from various levels of Gitcoin grant funding. The Grant Approval Committee then considers each grant on its merits while also noting the recommendations of the reviewers and makes the decision to include or exclude a grant.
Unfortunately sometimes mistakes get made. This is a human-made process run by humans. Mistakes can take the form of a compliant grant getting excluded from funding or a non-compliant (or fraudulent) grant getting included for funding.
Gitcoin is committed to funding and building open source software & public goods but Gitcoin is also committed to equality, justice, credible neutrality and decentralization. To mitigate the consequences of a possible mistaken grant exclusion, Gitcoin offers an appeal process.
The appeal process is the last option available to a denied grant applicant. The appeal process is designed to be fair, objective and accessible.
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