TrustBonus is designed to prevent sybil attacks by incentivizing identity verification.
This round Gitcoin supported BrightID, Proof of Humanity, Idena, ENS Twitter, POAP, SMS, and Google as optional identity verification techniques. When a user verified their identity on other platforms, they were given a TrustBonus.
The higher the Trust Bonus of a user is, the more we can be confident that the user is real. Higher TrustBonuses come with benefits such as higher a match for grant contributions.
Defending Quadratic Funding In Grants Round 10 And Beyond - Gitcoin's Blog
Gitcoin's Blog
Given the increasing number of sybil attacks we’ve seen from round to round, we are strongly considering taking TrustBonus and Making it a TrustRequirement next round — users will not get any matching for their donations until they verify their identity on other platforms.
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