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Learn more about matching rounds
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Looking to raise money for your open source project via Grants? You’ve come to the right place! 


How do I set up my grant?


When creating a new grant, select the tags that are most relevant. Your grant will then be reviewed by the relevant matching pool owner to determine if it is eligible to receive matching funds. 


How do grants work?


During Gitcoin’s quarterly grants rounds, grant owners receive funds from two complementary sources: 

  1. community contributions

  2. matching pools (with matched amount to each grant allocated via Quadratic Funding, learn more here).


What types of matching pools are there for GR12?


  • Main matching pool (least restricted, eligibility set and managed by GitcoinDAO)

  • Ecosystem matching pools (eligibility set by ecosystem, managed by Gitcoin)

  • Themed matching pools (eligibility set by main sponsor, managed by Gitcoin)


In GR12, we have matching caps on the main pool and the themed pools:

  • In the main pool, no individual grant’s matching amount will exceed 2.5% of the overall matching pool fund (i.e., $25K, since the matching pool is $1M).
  • In the themed pools, no individual grant’s matching amount will exceed 35% of that specific pool.


Please note that the matching amount displayed for any grant is an estimate, and therefore may decrease throughout the round as other grants in that round get funded. Matching amounts are not final until after the round is fully complete and ratified.


What are ecosystem rounds?


Ecosystem rounds are funded by a specific project, with matching funds distributed using Quadratic Funding. Ecosystem rounds allow sponsors to access Gitcoin’s leading builder community and allocate resources to build against their priorities while leveraging Gitcoin for grants program management (setup, management, fraud prevention, etc.) GR12 examples: Uniswap, Polygon, Synthetix


What are themed rounds?


While ecosystem rounds are aimed at rallying funding for and signaling sentiment within a particular project’s community, themed rounds are in support of a particular ‘cause’ or ‘theme’. GR12 themed rounds: Climate Change, Advocacy, Longevity.


What are the eligibility policies for each round?


You can find the eligibility policies for each type of round below:


In the latest Grants Round (Grants Round 12), why does my matching allocation keep changing?


For GR12, we proposed a new experiment on how we would run the main matching pool and put this to a vote by the stewards.


Once the round kicked off, there were unintended consequences that occurred with the concept of the matching cap. The details of the full situation can be found on the latest blog post.




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