My GitHub Account Is Flagged

What do I do if my GitHub account has been flagged?
The use of GitHub is intended to be an easy method for Users to sign into their Gitcoin account as it is a tool built by open source developers for open source developers.
If your GitHub account is flagged, we will not be able to assist you as it is a different product from Gitcoin.
You will need to contact GitHub support at in order to have the restrictions removed from your GitHub account in order to regain access to your Gitcoin profile.

GitHub Restriction Update:

We are aware of the issues many donors have been experiencing lately with GitHub login, but we have good news on the horizon. In alignment with our mission as a protocol DAO, your login experience will become more straightforward starting with the Alpha Rounds in December 2022 and a larger Gitcoin Round in mid-January 2023.
Logging in to your profile will simply mean connecting to your web3 wallet. You can manage your decentralized identity and increase your trust bonus by connecting the same wallet to Gitcoin Passport.