Credible Neutrality

Participation in Gitcoin Grants takes place on several abstraction layers, and each layer is governable. Since the end goal is governance entirely by the Community Stewards, we’ll need to decentralize governance of each layer, from the bottom up.

Here are the efforts taken for Grants Round 10

Grants Round 10 saw governance play a large role. The Anti-Fraud Workstream developed oversight practices for the review of new grants and the adjudication of disputes.

  1. We use the @GitcoinDisputes Twitter handle to communicate to and seek feedback from the community as we spot potential attacks.

  2. We employ an open & community driven data analysis process driven by BlockScience and the Token Engineering Commons through the Anti-Fraud Workstream.

  3. Prior to GR10, the Gitcoin Community Stewards ratified round sizes through snapshot vote.

  4. Through a Snapshot vote the Gitcoin Community Stewards ratified the creation of a new round (Building Gitcoin), and accepted $50K from Gitcoin Holdings to fund it.

  5. Through the Anti-Fraud Workstream, the community created a process of governing suspected fraudulent users and grants. As follows:

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