What is Gitcoin Grants Stack?

Gitcoin Grants Stack is the first-ever decentralized, customizable, smart contract-enabled solution that connects grants program managers, project owners and community members to manage and participate in community-oriented grants programs.

The product suite enables a streamlined management process for grant program managers–from program setup to application management to funds allocation–making it easy to manage and grow their program. It encourages community members to discover and support new projects in their digital neighborhood. It empowers project owners to seek funding, apply to grants programs, and build their web3 reputation and beyond.

Gitcoin Grants Stack has three main components that make it possible to manage, discover, donate to, and participate in grants programs.


Enables program managers to create and deploy a program plus track and manage grantee applications and simplify approvals processes.

  • Ability to receive and approve applications created in Builder

  • Ability to run Quadratic Funding rounds with Passport Sybil Defense

  • Ability to do bulk payouts


Encourages donor discovery and support of different programs and projects.

  • Ability to browse and discover different grantees within a given Quadratic Funding grants round

  • Ability to donate to different applicants/projects


Empowers project owners to create a single profile where they can build reputation and manage applications, and accept direct donations.

Project Management:

  • Create a project on any supported chain

  • Edit an existing project (note: edits to a project would only be reflected in applications submitted after the change)

Application Management:

  • Apply to a grants round on any supported chain

  • View application status (Approved/Rejected/In Review, or Active)

Project Reputation Creation & Verification:

  • Verify ownership of their project credentials (currently just for Twitter & Github)

  • View project stats - See and manage grant rounds they’ve applied to and/or participated

Additionally, through an integration with Gitcoin Passport, it also helps with identifying & protecting from bad actors (Sybils) on the donor and applicant sides, preventing the draining of program funds.

For a deeper dive, visit Gitcoin Grants Stack: Your Tools to Fund What Matters.

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