🧑‍💻Grantee FAQs

Get answers to questions commonly asked by grantees who are applying with their projects in the Grants Round(s).

🤔Does it matter what chain I create my builder application on?

No, you can create your application on any chain, and still apply for a round on a different chain. Example: your projects grant page can be deployed on Optimism, but you’re still able to use it to apply to a round on Arbitrum. You will need to pay gas on the chain the round is being run on. In this example you would pay gas on OP for updates to your grant page and gas on Arb to apply to the round.

🤔What happened to my grant profiles in builder that were created on Allo v1?

These profiles have automatically been transferred to Allo v2 and hosted on Arbitrum to facilitate easy application for GG20. Connect your wallet to builder and switch to Arbitrum to see your previously created projects.

🤔I am submitting on behalf of an organization, can I use my own wallet to create our builder application?

Yes you can, as the wallet that creates and submits an application doesn’t need to be the same wallet that receives the payout funds. When applying for a round it will ask you to submit the payout address, this is where you will put in the wallet address of the organization you are representing and submitting on behalf of.

🤔What is Markdown and how to use Markdown?

Markdown is a lightweight markup language that allows you to add formatting elements to plaintext text documents. You will need to use markdown in your proposal while applying for Gitcoin grants.

A fantastic way to get started with Markdown and see your changes in real time is by using an online Markdown editor, such as "Dillinger." Here's how you can use it:

  1. Navigate to the Dillinger Website: Open your web browser and go to the Dillinger website. Dillinger is a Markdown editor.

  2. Start Writing Your Markdown Text: On the left pane of the Dillinger interface, you'll find a blank space where you can start typing your Markdown text. This is where you'll input your proposal. For example, you can use # for headings, * for bullet points, and backticks for code snippets.

  3. Preview Your Document and Export it: As you input your Markdown on the left pane, Dillinger automatically renders your formatted text on the right pane. This real-time preview allows you to see how your document will look and lets you adjust formatting on the fly without needing to switch between views or applications. Once you're satisfied with your formatted document, Dillinger offers various options to save or export your work. You can directly copy and paste your proposal or save it.

If you don’t prefer the tool, below are some useful tips:

To add an image, add an exclamation mark (!), followed by alt text in brackets, and the path or URL to the image asset in parentheses. You can optionally add a title in quotation marks after the path or URL. ![image!](URL of the image you want to include)

For more markdowns refer here - https://www.markdownguide.org/basic-syntax/

🤔I would like to apply for X round, which network should I upload my project to?

  • If you are creating a new project, the chain doesn’t matter. For simplicity, it is best to create the project profile on the same chain the round is on since you will need funds for gas on that network already.

  • If you already have your project created in Builder, you can still apply regardless of what chain your project page is on - you just need funds for gas on the chain the round is on.

🤔How do I know if I have successfully applied?

Inside the project page you applied with, on the right hand side you will see the status of your application under ‘My Applications’ (ex below). If there is no status under ‘my applications’ for the specific round you are trying to enter into, it means you have not officially applied to the round yet. Note that applying for Gitcoin round is a two step process.

Important Note: Builder is your home base for your project between multiple grants rounds. Once you have a proposal in Builder you can use the same proposal to apply for any rounds you qualify for. The actual grant application and the donations all take place on Explorer. Hence, applying is a two-step process if you create a new application on Builder.

🤔When are the next opportunities to get funding?

For the latest information on grants rounds, please visit explorer.gitcoin.co

🤔Why isn't my Grant active?

If the round is active, and your grant isn't active, it's most likely due to the fact that you didn't get your application in in time, or your grant was not approved. Go to builder.gitcoin.co, connect your wallet, and view your grant status there.

🤔How many Grant Rounds can I enter?

You can only apply to one round in GG20 OSS round(s) per person/project, but you are able to apply to as many Community Rounds as you are eligible for. Core OSS round(s) are run specifically by Gitcoin. Community Rounds are independently run community-led rounds.

💰Where Are Grant Funds Stored?

There are two types of funding:

  • Individual donations

    • No claiming is required as these funds automatically go directly to your wallet at the time of donation. These funds will not show up in your claim history as they were never held by Gitcoin

  • Matching funds

    • These are the donations that you received from the matching round that you participate in. The amount is determined by the Quadratic Funding mechanism and must be claimed by the grantee after the round has been completed

  • How to Claim Your Matching Funds

    Your matching funds will be paid out to you directly on whichever network the round was run on approximately one month after the grants round has concluded and a sybil analysis has been conducted.

Note: You do not need to claim your funds. It will get paid to you directly to your wallet. If KYC is needed, you will be contracted by the round operator.

📚How do I maximize my contributions?

To maximize the amount of matching funding your Grant receives, you should try to get contributions from the broadest possible audience. Many Grants that have had hundreds of contributors during a Grants Round have generated over $10k in funding.

How to promote your Grant

  • Share your Grant with other communities that you are contributing to.

  • Share your Grant on social media (Many find Twitter/X, Farcaster and Lens in particular, to be helpful).

  • If your Grant is for a product that already has users, contact them and ask them to consider contributing.

  • Onboard friends and family onto Web3 and ask they contribute to your grant.

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