🚨Transitioning to Allo v2: What You Need to Know

What is Allo v2?

Grants Stack is currently built on top of the Allo protocol, a set of smart contracts that enable the democratic allocation and distribution of capital. Allo v2 is the latest version of this protocol, designed to enhance user experience, support the experimentation of modular and flexible funding mechanisms, and empower developers to contribute to building new community funding experiences.

Allo v1 Deprecation Plan

With Allo v2 achieving feature parity with Allo v1 across both the protocol and the user interface (UI), we plan to deprecate UI support for Allo v1. The protocol itself will remain live, and no other applications built on it, aside from Grants Stack, will be impacted.

Important Dates and Actions

  • Deprecation Date: June 25th 2024

  • Action Required: Conclude and pay out any existing V1 rounds before this date.

What Does This Mean for You?

Round Operators

If your round was created on Allo v1, it will still be available in Manager in a view-only mode after the deprecation date. However, you will not be able to:

  • Payout or edit rounds

  • Create new rounds on Allo v1


Projects created on Allo v1 will be viewable in Builder in their current state after the deprecation date, but no new actions can be performed.


After the deprecation date, the site explorer-v1.gitcoin.co will be deprecated, meaning that donations will no longer be accepted through Grants Stack for v1 rounds. Donors are encouraged to explore the new Allo v2 platform to continue supporting projects. The transition to Allo v2 offers improved security and user experience

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