What are Public Goods?

“In economics, a "public good" refers to anything that is both non-excludable and non-rivalrous, that is, people can't be barred access, and one person's use doesn't degrade another's.
Clean air is an example of a naturally occurring public good, while the electric grid is a public good created by people.

What are the public goods of today's industrial-knowledge society?

Open source code, which supports millions of companies and independent developers, is often thought of this way.
The cypherpunks considered privacy itself as a kind of public good.
A great public good should:
• Be values-based — in service of a set of values your community cares about.
• Have longevity — be achievable and maintainable.
• Create positive externalities — benefits a public beyond an immediate set of users.
Gitcoin started off focusing on Digital Public Goods (like Open Source software) but we have now expanded into real-life Public Goods.
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