What are we protecting?

We believe Quadratic Funding is the optimal way of funding public goods in a democratic society. Gitcoin Grants employs QF as a funding mechanism for digital public goods, and to date is the largest implementation of QF on the planet. But QF does have vulnerability. It can be gamed through Sybil and Collusion attacks, which is why identity verification β€” for grant funders as well as project owners is vital. This document largely discusses how QF defense is governed including:

  • What is considered a malicious action, and who is defining it?

  • What remediation is being employed, and who is employing it?

  • What is the grant approval process, and who is responsible for it?

  • What is the appeals process and who is responsible?

  • How is the Gitcoin Team attempting to remain credibly neutral?

  • How decentralized is the current state of governance?

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