🏒How do I become a Gitcoin Steward?

Learn the steps you need to take to become a representative for others in GitcoinDAO.

Becoming a Gitcoin Steward is a permissionless process; anyone can self-nominate. But, despite that, it comes with great responsibility. If you'd like to become a Steward, read more about the process below.

Step 1: Contemplate the responsibilities of Stewards

To become a Gitcoin steward, the first question you should ask is whether you want the responsibility. Being a Gitcoin Steward is a serious responsibilityβ€”delegates are entrusting you with their votes. As a Steward, you must: keep up to date with the DAO, engage in governance discussions, and analyse, solicit input, and vote on proposals. Become a steward to help fund more public goods, not for a title.

Watch a talk from Schelling Point Amsterdam on the responsibilities of Stewards.

Step 2: Get to know GitcoinDAO

Although contributing to GitcoinDAO is not a requirement to be a steward, at least understanding the work that workstreams undertake daily is necessary to make informed choices in the governance process.

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Step 3: Participate in the governance forums

Getting involved in the forums is a high signal way to show your dedication to Gitcoin’s mission. Many of the most interesting conversations about Gitcoin happen here, from chatter on meta-governance and governance proposals to specific workstream discussions.

Read the Gitcoin governance forums

Step 4: Nominate yourself to become a Steward

Becoming a Steward is a permissionless process. Nominate yourself on the Steward nominations post, and you’re officially a Steward! Be thoughtful in your self-nominationβ€”the difficult part is convincing fellow community members that you are one they should trust with their votes.

Read the Steward’s nominations

Step 5: Participate!

The hardest part of being a Steward is showing up. The more effort you put in as a Gitcoin Steward, the more likely you will be delegated votes in the future. The MMM workstream created the Steward health cards to signal to delegates which Stewards are most involved in governance.

More on Steward Health Cards

Check out the Steward Health Cards

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