About Grants Round Governance

After every Grants Round the Gitcoin team in collaboration with the community put together a governance retro blog post. We use it to outline the important governance decisions made throughout the round and who is making those decisions. It’s the goal of the Gitcoin Team to remain as credibly neutral as possible as we continue down the path of decentralizing Grants governance. Part of that is being transparent about the process, the people, and the decisions.

Grants Rounds Governance Briefs also act as calls to action to the Community Stewards to ratify the round payouts. They provide round statistics, explanations of various types of malicious actions taken against the Quadratic Funding mechanism and how we responded, disputes and the review process, as well as lessons learned from the round. With the information contained in the Brief the Stewards can make an educated decision on whether or not to ratify the round.

While preparing the GR10 Governance Brief, we found that policies and procedures regarding round governance evolved over time. And that in the interest of transparency it would be beneficial to have a separate doc outlining these policies and procedures that would be updated as they changed. That’s what this document is all about!

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