Ethereum Ecosystem Participation Policy (GR11, GR10, GR9, etc.)

All the Platform Participation Policy plus

  • Avoid any form of quid pro quo that has financial value (a scenario in which a user gets some additional unique benefit/award in return for their donation).

  • No non-ethereum related projects

    Non Ethereum related projects

Every round Non-Ethereum projects seek to participate. This includes Web3 groups on other chains. In GR9 we saw our first Binance Smart Chain (BSC) grant from an NFT project called ARTSTRO.

Gitcoin Action:

In earlier rounds the precedent was set to not allow grants for projects outside of Ethereum, so we disabled this grant. But whether or not to permit other chains is an open governance question for the community.

  • No multiple grants for one entity in different categories

    Project with Multiple Grants in Different Categories.

    There was a dispute raised on March 17th, 2021 regarding two grants:

    • EtherDrops (dApp Category)

    • DropsEarn (Community Category)

    Both projects are affiliated with the DROPS Foundation.

    If the grants had been in the same category, then pairwise bonding would have muted the impact of both grants having similar contributors. But they were not.

    Gitcoin Action:

    The community went back and forth with the founders of the DROPS Foundation, and ultimately decided that having similar grants from the same company dominating different categories with similar contributors, represented a threat to the legitimacy of the round. In response, the Gitcoin Team disabled matching on one (but not both) of the grants.

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