Ecosystem Level Grant Participation Policy

All ecosystem policy is set by the contributors to the matching pool and/or the community the ecosystem serves. For the Gitcoin UI and ETH ecosystems this is entirely handled by the FDD workstream of GitcoinDAO. For side rounds like UNI, MATIC, or GTC, the FDD Workstream facilitates enforcement of policy set by the ecosystem hosting the side round.

There are two types of ecosystems:

  1. Inclusive - Grants must be approved to match the level policy, but defaults to inclusion.

  2. Exclusive - Grants must be explicitly invited by the ecosystem.

As an example of an INCLUSIVE ecosystem, the Ethereum Ecosystem | Round GR10 policy is ratified by the keyholders of the multi-sig wallet which holds the matching funds. The Ethereum ecosystem also uses the GitcoinDAO to set its policy.

IINCLUSIVE - Anyone could make a grant and apply to The Gitcoin Building Gitcoin Ecosystem | Side Round to GR10. However, participation policy was ratified by Gitcoin Holdings Inc., the sole contributor to the matching funds.

EXCLUSIVE - The GR8 ZCash ecosystem side-round policy was invite only to grants which were explicitly invited to the round by the entity which controled the matching pool funds for that round. The same would apply for any other exclusive ecosystem|round.

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