📰How to create a project in Builder

What is Builder? Builder is your home base for your project between multiple grants rounds. Once you have a proposal in Builder you can use the same proposal to apply for any rounds you qualify for.

There are 2 separate steps that must be taken in order to participate in a grant round:

1. Create Your Grant on builder.gitcoin.co

2. Apply to the specific Grant Round you wish to participate in

Here you will find a step-by-step guide on #1 which is how to create your grant on builder.

  1. Connect your wallet. Go to builder.gitcoin.co, and click on “Connect Wallet.” If you don’t have a wallet set up already, click on “Get a Wallet” to set up your wallet, or “Learn More” to learn more about wallets.

Note: If you have multiple team members, ensure that the person most likely to update your proposal is the one submitting your project. Only one person will have access to editing your project on Builder.

2. Select either the purple "+New Project" button or the "Create a Project" button as shown below:

3. Select the network you’d like to deploy your project’s grant page on. Please note you’ll need gas on this network to save and deploy it, so pick a network you have gas funds on.

4. Next, you will go to the Project Details page as shown below:

a. Note the required sizes for your project logo (300x300 px) and your project banner (1500x500 px) .

b. We suggest you add clear headings and separate paragraphs to help contributors read your proposal. Here are some suggestions that you could include: Problem, Solution, Update Since the last round, Plans for Funding, Team Members, etc. Photos and proof of work/impact are also important.

5. On the next page, you will be able to verify your social accounts.

a. If you are going to verify your Twitter/X, be sure that you are currently logged into your project’s Twitter account in another tab, as it will need authorization to verify you do control the Twitter/X account. b. if you are connecting your Organization GitHub please note you’ll need to authorize it to be verified. Important: Your organization will need to have a public profile in order to be verified.

6. Select the Next button and you will see a preview of what your project will look like. Once you’re happy with how it looks, select “Save and Publish.” a. A wallet prompt will open up again. To create the project, you’ll need to pay a gas fee, which will be displayed in your wallet window. Click on “Confirm” to finalize. b. It might take a few seconds for the transaction to process. Once it is complete, you’ll see a popup at the bottom that says, “Project Created!”

7. You can edit your project by following these simple instructions. Note that each time you edit and “Save and Publish,” you will need to pay gas fees because creating/editing a project is now an on-chain transaction.

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