How to retrieve my data from cGrants

What to do:

  • Sign into your account (as the grant owner)
  • At the end of the page you'll see the "stats." There's a dropdown to download the csv
  • Need further help? Reach out to our team in the chat window on the bottom right corner of this site.
As we say goodbye to cGrants, we express our deepest gratitude to everyone who contributed to this first chapter of our adventure with Quadratic Funding, as well as those who took advantage of our bounty platform. Now it's time to embrace a new chapter as we transition to a more dynamic future with Allo Protocol, Gitcoin Passport and Gitcoin Grants Stack.
Be sure to check out our new website to learn more about these game-changing projects.
Also, check out the amazing work being done by the Buidlbox team, who are taking the old bounty platform and elevating it to the next level. Remember, you have until July 30, 2023 to retrieve any data you want to keep - bounties, payment history, etc. After that, your information will no longer be available.