🌿Transition to Allo v2: Explorer Guide

Gitcoin Grants Stack has successfully migrated from Allo v1 to Allo v2. During this transition, it is our top priority to continue to support grantees and Grants Managers currently using Grants Stack.

What is Allo v2?

Grants Stack is currently built on top of the Allo protocol, a set of smart contracts that enable the democratic allocation and distribution of capital, and Allo v2 is the latest version of the protocol. With the transition to Allo v2, we are excited to improve overall user experience, enable experimentation of modular and flexible funding mechanisms, and empower developers to easily contribute to the protocol to build new community funding experiences.

Navigating Explorer on Allo v2

  • You can continue to access Explorer at: https://explorer.gitcoin.co. Note that you will only be able to donate to rounds on v2 β€” if you want to donate to rounds on v1, visit https://explorer-v1.gitcoin.co/

  • When using Explorer, you can:

    • Donate to rounds on v2

    • View past rounds on v1 and v2

    • See all of your past donations across v1 and v2 rounds on your Donation History page

Design walkthrough of Explorer on Allo v2 https://www.loom.com/share/a59a99b09e634344a8020b8a3cb30237?sid=1d110391-8965-4919-9fb0-5a6168ba6f92

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