How do I get started with Bounties

Accessing Bounties

From the navigation bar, choose "Products" and then "Bounties".

Bounties Work Flow

Bounties can be used in two different ways:
  • I am a developer looking to contribute to a project. (Contributor)
  • I am an OSS project looking for talent. (Funder)

Bounty Specifications

Time left

Amount of time to complete the bounty.

Project Type

  • Contest: Multiple submissions wanted, the top tier will receive a prize.
  • Cooperative: Multiple contributors will make multiple submissions and funding will be split.
  • Traditional: One applicant will be selected to complete the work requested, one submission, one payout.


  • Permissionless: Anyone can work on the bounty after expressing interest.
  • Approval Required: Contributors are to express interest and await approval to work.


How long ago the bounty was created.

Time Commitment

Length of time the completion of the bounty is expected to take.

Issue Type

The functional aspect of the project that the bounty applies to. (i.e. Security, Documentation, etc.)

Experience Level

  • Beginner: Little to no pre-requisite skills are needed to complete the bounty.
  • Intermediate: Some pre-requisite skills are needed to complete the bounty.
  • Advanced: Specialized knowledge or subject mastery may be required to complete the bounty.


A detailed explanation of the work as requested from the funder.

Contributor Work Flow

  • Choose Explore Bounties from the Bounties menu.
  • Optional: Set search criteria on the left side of the screen (default is Mainnet / open issues).
  • Select a bounty of interest.
  • Examine the bounty specifications to ensure a good fit for your skill level.
  • Make sure you have a complete understanding of the bounty instructions via the description.
  • Click on the GitHub link to further explore the project and issue in the respective repository.
  • Click on Express Interest and give a descriptive summary of how you plan to work on the issue.
  • For permissionless bounties you can begin work, for approval required bounties you must wait to be notified that you are approved to work on the bounty. You will get a platform notification and an email.
  • When work is completed, submit the work by a pull request on the bounty Github repository. Copy the URL for the pull request.
  • Return to the Github bounty page and select Submit Work.
  • Paste the pull request URL into the PR field, accept the terms, and submit the bounty.
  • Your web3 wallet will open requesting you to approve the gas cost in Eth, approve this request. This records the project completion on the blockchain. NOTE: New users can visit the Eth faucet for a one-time small amount of Eth to be granted for gas costs.
  • The funder may provide feedback in the Github repository for some changes to be made prior to acceptance, check back to the pull request frequently.
  • Payout is made once the bounty is satisfied. Allow one to two weeks for a funder response.
  • If you are unable to complete a bounty for any reason, return to the bounty page and click Stop Work.

Contributor Tips

  • Choose bounties appropriate to your skill level.
  • Understand the bounty requirements on the bounty page and Github issue page.
  • Give a descriptive plan for bounty completion to maximize your chances of being selected in traditional bounties.
  • Give status updates to the funder as appropriate (delays, questions, suggestions, etc.)
  • Create appropriate documentation for the funder and other contributors to be able to follow your work.
  • Abandon a bounty. "Stop Work" on the bounty if you are unable to complete it.
  • Be offended if denied to work on a bounty by a funder.

Funder Work Flow

  • From the Bounties menu choose "Fund Issue".
  • Set the bounty specifications according to the work needed.
  • Include the issue URL from the Github repository.
  • Give a clear description of the requirements for work to be accepted.
  • Click "Fund Issue".
  • Approve the transaction in your web3 wallet (i.e. Metamask).
  • Approve or deny applicants that express interest (if applicable).
  • Review work submitted in the pull request and provide feedback or accept the work (if applicable).
  • Payout the bounty or announce contest winners.

Funder Tips

  • Price correctly.
  • Be specific about acceptance criteria.
  • Start small.
  • Provide adequate documentation.
  • Be responsive to the contributor.
  • Create bounties for architecture (building from the ground up).
  • Create bounties that require market awareness (unless well documented).
  • Create security-sensitive bounties (private keys etc.).