All Grantees FAQ

This aims to answer questions that arise for grantees during S16. Please keep an eye on this page as it will be periodically updated with new info as it goes live.

How much of my info will stay intact?

  • Over the next few months, we will focus on running alpha test rounds to continue supporting early-stage builders as we transition to a decentralized, scalable solution that will support many more communities in funding their shared needs. During this phase, all data on cGrants will remain intact. In the coming weeks, we will clarify a clear data migration plan as we onboard grantees to the protocol. Initially, new grants on the protocol can be copied & pasted from cGrants into the new Builder. We plan to eventually add the functionality to link/port over cGrants data to Builder.

What do my community/supporters need to know? How will their experience change?

  • Your community can still contribute to your project via cGrants; however, there is no matching at this time. You and your community can expect a broader range of protocol rounds to take place in March and April, where we anticipate almost all existing grants will be able to participate.
  • The experience of donating will be slightly different with the new product as features will be added over time, but initially, it will be fairly barebones. There is no concept of a user/donor profile (yet), so all donors will have to create a Gitcoin Passport and verify stamps to establish their identity.

How easy will it be to collect funds?

  • User donations will be collected similarly, possibly on new chains/L2s. Matching funds will be paid out directly to grantees initially, but eventually, there may be a claim process similar to the flow on cGrants.

What if my community or I have questions?

How easy will it be to share with my community?

  • Your project profile on Builder is not public today (however, the Explorer link is public), but it’s on our S16 roadmap to enable projects to share general links to their project profile page.