DEI Round Explained

What is the DEI bonus round?

This is a new round format we are experimenting with during our Beta Round on our new platform, Gitcoin Grants Stack.
There is a separate pool of funds available for grantees with teams from diverse backgrounds with diverse teams. The intention is to not to purely hold a standalone diversity featured round, but instead have additional funds available from matching fund partners for all projects that are eligible.
This means grantees do not need to raise funds in two separate rounds but instead they simply need to apply for the round their project is related to. Projects focused on diversity initiatives should apply for the web3 community round.

How do you apply?

To apply for this round all that grantees need to do is answer the question about the diversity of their team when applying to core or featured rounds.
An independent team will review grantees and follow up with any additional questions before finalizing decisions.

Do you have to answer the diversity question?

No, this question is not required and the responses are encrypted so they are not visible on-chain. The responses to this question will only be shared with the team of reviewers and are only visible to Gitcoin’s rounds operators and developers working on the platform.

Does this affect eligibility for the other round I'm applying for?

No, the eligibility requirements of each round are clearly stated on the first page and none of the rounds include requirements related to diversity. This is a bonus round intended to provide additional support to diverse teams.
Answering the questions is not required and has no impact on eligibility for anything other than the DEI bonus matching fund for grantees.

Where can you find grantees in this matching pool?

When the round guess live a web page with information about grantees and links to each proposal will be available to view. Links will be shared on the landing page along with the links to all of the other pages.