When are the next opportunities to get funding?

We are running a streamlined Alpha Round on the protocol in January 2023 with the goal of testing the product while supporting established grantees.
The Alpha Round will consist of 3 separate matching pools: Open Source Software, Ethereum Infrastructure, and Climate Solutions. These rounds will only be open to a subset of existing grantees with a goal to support about 300 projects in total.
We will also be running a variety of smaller design partner rounds on the protocol in the weeks ahead to support the design phase of the protocol.
More information about eligibility will be released soon. In the meantime, you can learn more about this decision in the Governance Forum.
From March 2023, the protocol will move into our beta phase and round partners will have the flexibility to use it in a self-service or Gitcoin serviced capacity. This means anyone will be able to use it for their own grants program and round owners can engage Gitcoin for support from an operational, grant review, marketing and fraud detection perspective.
During this period, we plan to “officially” launch the protocol and Gitcoin Program with a full scale round similar to GR15, engaging the community and governance to help select the focus areas and partners. This should align with the start of GitcoinDAO’s Season 17.