Passport Sliding Scale on Grants Stack

Announcing: Passport Sliding Scale on Grants Stack 🎉
Starting in Gitcoin Grants 19, Grants Stack will have a new Passport Sliding scale system in place, which adjusts the matching amount your donations are eligible for based on your Gitcoin Passport score.
TL;DR: The higher your Passport score is, the bigger your donation impact will be!
You can learn more about this new sliding scale system in the new Passport widget available on Explorer (note: please make sure your wallet is connected to Explorer in order to see the widget), where you can see your current Passport score as well as your Donation Impact percentage. Donation Impact reflects what percentage of your estimated donation matching you are eligible for, based on your current Passport score. Passport scores higher than 15 will begin to be eligible for donation matching, and your donation impact percentage scales as your Passport score increases. Wallets with Passport scores of 25 or higher will be eligible for 100% of their estimated donation matching.
New Passport widget on Explorer
You’ll also be able to see new matching estimates when checking out projects in a round. Matching estimates are calculated based on quadratic funding, and the matching estimates you see at checkout already incorporate your donation impact percentage. This means that if your donation impact is 50%, and the full match for your donation would have been $100, then your matching estimates at time of checkout would show $50. Note that you can always increase your Passport score, and thus increase your donation impact score and estimated matching, anytime before the round(s) you have donated to have ended.
Matching Estimates on the checkout page


  • Q: What is estimated matching?
    • A: Estimated matching refers to the matching amount your donation(s) are eligible for at time of checkout. Your matching amount is calculated based on the nature of Quadratic Funding — you can learn more about Quadratic Funding and how it works here. Due to the nature of QF, the matching amounts that you see at checkout may fluctuate depending on if you’re the first donation, how many donations a project receives after your donation, round saturation, etc. As a result, please only note the matching estimates shared at checkout to be an estimate, not the final matching amount.
  • Q: What scores will be eligible for donation matching in rounds run on Grants Stack using Gitcoin Passport?
    • A: If you have a Passport score in the ranges of:
      • 0-15 → 0% Donation Impact (No donation matching)
      • 15-25 → 0-100% Donation Impact (Partial donation matching, based on your score)
      • 25+ → 100% Donation Impact (Full donation matching)
  • Q: How is the Donation Impact percentage calculated?
    • A: Donation Impact is calculated based on your Passport score. Passport scores in the ranges of 15-25+ will be eligible for matching, where scores between 15-25 will have proportional Donation Impact percentages between 0-100%. Passport scores that are 25 or higher will have a Donation Impact percentage of 100%.