How to make payments after a round is finalized

One a round is finalized, here are the steps to view the grantees and make payments in Manager.
You will see this screen on the dashboard under the "Fund Grantees" (LEFT) tab if the round is still in progress:
Once the round is finalized, you will see this screen:
From here, you can easily select which grantees you would like to pay out. You can also easily do a batch payment. Select the grantees you want to pay, and click on "Pay out funds". You will then be prompted to sign the transaction, as well as pay the gas fees associated.
You can cycle through the two tabs "Unpaid Grantees" and "Paid Grantees" to clearly see who's been paid and who still requires their funds to be allocated to them.
Under the "Paid Grantees" tab, this will be the screen:
Note: We have given you the option to do batch payments or individual so that if you wish to require KYC, you have the choice to pay out those grantees with KYC first if you wish to, for example.