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How to view your round results

To view the round results navigate to the “Round Result” tab on the sidebar
The page contains all the system generated round results and allows the user to finalize their results and fund their grantees.
Users are able to download CSV files containing the rounds:
  • Vote coefficients (which compare the donors passport scores with the matching amounts)
  • Matching distribution (which is a breakdown by projects, containing all relevant information)
How to revise results and update your matching distribution On the bottom of the page is the “Revise Results” section. There users are able to update the Matching Distribution table above
To do this upload the finalized Vote Coefficient overrides ONLY and click the “Upload and Recalculate results” button:
The results on the matching distribution table will change accordingly
It will now contain the original matching amount and the new matching amount
How to check the Round Saturation
The page also contains information about the Round Saturation. It tells us whether the matching cap has been met.
  • If the round is fully saturated no further action is required
  • If a round has not been saturated the user may keep the distribution as it is or scale it up to distribute the full pool
How to check the Raw Round Data
The tab also contains the raw round data. Here the user can download data tables about raw votes, projects, round and prices.