Explorer Guide

Here you’ll find a guide on how to use the Explorer platform, including connecting your wallet and donating to projects.


Explorer allows supporters (donors) to browse through and donate to projects that have been approved in any single round.
To visit Explorer, you will need to go to the specific link for each round. Round operators will share those through the specific round’s Explorer via a direct link on Twitter, website, etc.

Pre-Round Screen

The Explorer landing page UI changes based on whether a round has started or not. If a round has not begun yet, the landing page could look something like this:
This page allows you to get information on:
  • What the round name is and a short description
  • When the application period is
  • When the round period is
  • How much matching funds are available
  • Round eligibility requirements with a button that lets you apply to the round on Builder if you choose to do so

Active Round Screen

The UI of the landing page will change once the round becomes active. That is, once Round Operators have approved projects for their round and the round has begun. The landing page would then look something like this:
You will be able to:
  • Browse through projects
  • Search and sort through projects
  • Add projects to their Shortlist
  • Click on projects to learn more about them

Project Details page

As you browse the landing page, you might want to click on a project to learn more about it. You will be led to a page that looks like this:
Here, you will be able to:
  • Learn more about a project
  • Browse through their website, social media, GitHub, etc.
  • See how much funding they’ve received thus far
  • See how many contributors have contributed thus far
  • See how many days are left in the round
  • Add their project to the Shortlist

The Shortlist

As you browse projects on GE, you are able to add projects you like to a non-finalized list that we call the Shortlist. After you are done browsing projects, you move to the donation part of the process. Visit Using the shortlist function to donate for a step-by-step guide.