Explorer Guide

Here you’ll find a guide on how to use the Explorer platform, including connecting your wallet and donating to projects.


Explorer allows supporters (donors) to browse through and donate to projects that have been approved in any single round.
To visit Explorer, you will need to go to the specific link for each round. Round operators will share those through the specific round’s Explorer via a direct link on Twitter, website, etc. We will also have a page where all the links live that will be shared before the round goes live.
Please visit to browse rounds you'd like to support.

Pre-Round Screen

The Explorer landing page UI changes based on whether a round has started or not. If a round has not begun yet, you won't be able to view the projects yet. On the pre-round screen the information for that specific round will be displayed.

Active Round Screen

Once Round Operators have approved projects for their round and the round has begun, the landing page would then look something like this:
You will be able to:
  • Browse through projects
  • Search and sort through projects
  • Add projects to your cart
  • Click on projects to learn more about them
  • Multi-round checkout

Project Details page

As you browse the landing page, you might want to click on a project to learn more about it. You will be led to a page that looks like this:
Here, you will be able to:
  • Learn more about a project
  • Browse through their website, social media, GitHub, etc.
  • See how much funding they’ve received thus far
  • See how many contributors have contributed thus far
  • See how many days are left in the round
  • Add their project to your cart

How to donate

Make sure you've connected your wallet.
Next, visit the round(s) you want to donate to! Here, you will be able to browse through the various projects that are included in that round:
You can browse through the different projects, and add them to your cart as you go (either on the screen above or the project screen below):
Next, once you've added all the projects to your cart, go to checkout:
Here, you'll be allocate funds in your chosen denomination individually to each project, or you can include an "amount" to allocate to all projects simultaneously. Once you've completed this, you'll be prompted to "submit your donation:"
The following screens will pop up while your transaction is processing.
You have now successfully donated to a Gitcoin Grants round!
For the Gitcoin Grants Beta Round, please visit to browse rounds you'd like to support. NOTE that if you want to donate to another round after you've completed the below process, you'll need to return to to repeat the process.
How to donate guide - BETA (2).mp4