Using the shortlist function to donate

Please visit Grants Explorer Guide for the full scope of the platform. Here you will find a step-by-step guide on understanding and using the Shortlist function within Grants Explorer.

The Shortlist

Now, you may be wondering, “What the heck is the Shortlist?” The Shortlist is an interactive tool that allows you to visualize how you distribute your impact across projects as you make your decisions.
As you browse projects on Grants Explorer, you are able to add projects you like to a non-finalized list that we call the Shortlist.
After you are done browsing projects and want to move to the donation portion of the process, you can view your Shortlist by clicking on the Shortlist icon in the top right of the page. You will be greeted with a page like this:
Here, you will be able to do a number of things:
  • Review your Shortlist
    • Keep adding projects to it
    • Remove projects
    • Select which projects make it on their Final Donation list
    • Bulk add projects to their Final Donation list or bulk remove projects from your Shortlist
  • Final Donation list
    • Bulk fund projects: you are able to select which currency you want your donation in (pre-set by the Round Operator) and how much money you would like to distribute to each of the projects
    • Fund projects individually
  • Submit your Final Donation
You then want to select certain projects for your Final Donation:
Please note: in order to select projects from your shortlist that you'd like to add to your Final Donation, you need to first click on "Select" and then make sure you click on the project to highlight it. That means that it's selected.
After you are satisfied with your selection, the selected projects will move over to the Final Donation list once you select "Add all (X) projects to Final Ballot" at the bottom of your shortlist.
Here you will be able to fund projects individually, or choose to fund projects uniformly, using the bulk donation feature:
You can, at any time, add projects back to your Shortlist if you change your mind.
Once you are satisfied with the projects you've chosen and the donation amount, you are able to submit your donation.

Checkout Flow

When you submit your donation, you will see this popup giving you a heads up that you will have to sign a couple of transactions using the wallet of your choice:
Once you agree, a processing modal will pop up showing the progress of the transactions:
Once everything is submitted and finalized, you're greeted with a confirmation screen:
And boom! You’ve successfully donated to some cool projects in a cool round. High five 😎 🙌