How is Gitcoin Passport’s Trust Bonus calculated?

Learn how Gitcoin Passport's Trust Bonus scores are calculated.
As in previous versions of the Trust Bonus, matching weights for Passport holders will range between 50% and 150%.
The matching weight for a Passport holder is:
  • 150% if their Accumulated Partitioned Uniqueness (APU) score is above the median APU score.
  • (their APU score - minimum APU score) / (median APU score - minimum APU score) + 50% if their APU score is below the median APU score.
By way of background, the APU scoring method maps scores to individual Passports according to the number of stamps and the uniqueness of their combination. It has the following properties:
  • Scaled from 0 to 1 for straightforward interpretations
    • 0 = no stamps
    • 1 = all possible stamps
    • Median score = the APU score separating the higher half from the lower half of the APU scores of all the submitted Passports in cGrants.
  • Scales linearly in the number of stamps while maintaining the same interpretation.
  • It has a closed-form solution that is easy to implement.