GTC Staking on your Identity

Boost your web3 reputation by staking GTC on your identity and others!
GTC Staking (Identity Staking) is a mechanism that allows you to stake GTC to boost your reputation and/or boost the reputation of other people who you trust.
When you stake GTC through Gitcoin Passport (see the GTC Staking Stamp), it increases your Unique Humanity Score on Passport. This mechanism helps Gitcoin defend against Sybil attacks and is another (very effective) step in making our fraud detection efforts more robust during our Gitcoin Grants Rounds.
Once GTC has been staked, the amount will be locked until the end of the current Grants Round has concluded (if there is a current Grants Round), or until the end of the next Grants Round.
If you stake from now until November 27th, 2023, your GTC will be locked until November 27, 2023. If you stake from November 28th onward, your GTC will be locked until the end of the following Gitcoin Grants Round, which will be the end of February 2024 (exact date TBC). You will need to return to the GTC Staking page to reclaim your staked GTC.
To get started please visit the GTC Staking page.
Note: You can only earn credentials of the GTC Staking stamp in Gitcoin Passport if you have either staked on yourself or had GTC staked on you by the community.
As of November 2023, Gitcoin Passport just released three new credentials you can earn to increase your Passport score, all part of the GTC Staking Stamp.
The credentials are:
  • Community Investor Silver: Stake 5 GTC on 1 account or have 1 account stake 5 GTC on you.
  • Community Investor Gold: Stake 10 GTC on 2 accounts or have 2 accounts stake 10 GTC on you.
  • Trust Anchor: Receive stakes from 5 unique users, each staking a minimum of 20 GTC on you.
Each credential earns you 1.27 points.
When you stake at least 5 GTC on a member of the community, you are attesting to the authenticity of their identity—in other words, their trustworthiness as web3 citizens. This means that the individual will be able to claim the Community Investor Silver credential, and you will be able to claim the same credential as well. All this community staking helps us build a graph of trusted humans, which helps us distinguish between good actors and Sybils.
To earn the other new GTC Staking Stamp credentials, you need to stake on more people and/or have more people stake on you.
Here is an example message you can send to people you want to stake on and who you might want to stake on you:
Watch this in-depth walkthrough with our team to get an overview of how to stake and what the benefits are:
(Please note that the video on GTC Staking you are about to watch was created at an earlier date and some information may be out-of-date. Specifically, the User Interface (UI) and the set of credentials available for GTC Staking have since been updated.)