GTC Staking on your Identity

Build a unique, decentralized online profile by staking your identity!
GTC Staking (Identity Staking) is a mechanism that helps to verify your own identity or authenticate someone else’s by staking GTC.
When you stake GTC through Gitcoin Passport (see the GTC Staking Stamp), it enhances your Passport score. This mechanism helps Gitcoin defend against Sybil attacks and is another (very effective) step in making our fraud detection efforts more robust during our Grants Rounds.
Once GTC has been staked, the amount will be locked until a few days after the Grants Rounds have concluded. You will need to return to the GTC Staking page to reclaim your staked GTC.
To get started please visit the GTC Staking home page.
Note: You can only verify the GTC Staking stamp in Gitcoin Passport if you have either staked on yourself or had GTC staked on you by the community. You will not be able to verify the Community Staking stamp by staking on another member of the community.

What is Community Staking?

Community staking is when you Stake on a member of the community, meaning you are verifying their identity. This means that the individual will be able to claim the GTC Staking stamp. If you wish to verify the GTC Staking stamp you will need to either stake on yourself or have a friend stake on your identity by providing them with your wallet address.
Watch this in-depth walkthrough with our team to get an overview of how to stake and what the benefits are: