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How to ask a friend to participate in Identity Staking

This page includes template messages you can email or text a friend who you want to stake on and/or stake on you:


Subject: Let's Boost Our Web3 Reputations with GTC Staking 🌟

Hey [Friend's Name],
Hope you're well! I recently stumbled upon a great way to enhance our web3 reputations—GTC Staking via Gitcoin Passport.
The idea is simple: we stake GTC tokens on each other's identities, boosting our Unique Humanity Scores on Gitcoin. This not only elevates our web3 standing but also helps Gitcoin in anti-fraud measures.
For more details on how this works and what credentials we can earn, check out this support documentation.
I plan to stake some GTC on your identity and would be thrilled if you'd consider reciprocating. This mutual action allows us both to earn new credentials and enhances our reputations.
🚀 Interested? If you're up for it, please share the Ethereum address associated with your Gitcoin Passport so we can get started.
Best, [Your Name]

TEXT MESSAGE (Discord, Telegram, etc)

Hey [Friend's Name],
Hope you're good! I found a cool way to boost our web3 rep—GTC Staking on Gitcoin Passport.
We stake GTC on each other, boosting our Gitcoin scores. Plus, it helps with anti-fraud.
You can learn more about it here: [Support Doc Link].
I'm planning to stake some GTC on you. Would you be interested in reciprocating? If yes, please share with me the Ethereum address linked to your Gitcoin Passport.
[Your Name]