Passport Scorer API

The Gitcoin Passport API allows developers to integrate identity verification functionality into their applications. The API provides a simple way to read and score the identities of Gitcoin Passport


To use the Gitcoin Passport API you need to:
  1. 1.
    Register for an API key by creating an account at
  2. 2.
    Create a community for your application
  3. 3.
    On the website, set up and configure the identity verification functionality that your application needs.
  4. 4.
    Test your implementation of the Gitcoin Passport API to ensure that it is working as expected. This typically involves running your application and verifying it against the API. You can also use automated testing tools to help ensure the reliability and correctness of your implementation.
Below you will find more detailed instructions on how to integrate the API into your application.
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