Apply to a round in Grants Hub

Do you want to apply to a round? Here’s how.
There's three possible journeys currently:
1: You arrive at directly > you can create a project -- that's it.
2: You can arrive via the special application link the first time, and we'll detect that you haven't created a project yet and redirect you to create a project first. When you're done creating a project, you'll see a banner to apply to the round. Then you can return to the application page and fill out and submit an application
3: You've created a project in the past (see #1) and then you received the special application link. Then you can directly apply (since you've created a project already).
  • Once you’re through, click on “Apply to this round.”
  • Next, you’ll see the Grant Round Application page, where you’d be able to select which of your projects you want to apply with that round.
  • Answer a series of required questions that follow.
  • When it’s all complete, click on “Preview Application,” where you can see your application answers before you submit. Make sure that all the information is captured correctly, then click “Submit.”
  • You will then be prompted to “Sign” through your wallet. Note: with each application you submit, you will have to pay gas fees, because creating/editing a project is an on-chain transaction*.*