How to apply to a round in Grants Hub

Do you want to apply for a round? Here’s how.
There are three possible journeys currently:
1: You arrive at directly > you can create a project -- that's it.
2: You can arrive via the special application link the first time, and we'll detect that you haven't created a project yet and redirect you to create a project first. When you're done creating a project, you'll see a banner to apply to the round. Then you can return to the application page and fill out and submit an application
3: You've created a project in the past (see #1) and then you received the special application link. Then you can directly apply (since you've created a project already).
  • Once you’re through, click on “Apply to this round.”
  • Next, you’ll see the Grant Round Application page, where you’d be able to select which of your projects you want to apply with that round.
  • Answer a series of required questions that follow.
  • When it’s all complete, click on “Preview Application,” where you can see your application answers before you submit. Make sure that all the information is captured correctly, then click “Submit.”
  • You will then be prompted to “Sign” through your wallet.
  • After successfully applying to a round you will be able to view and confirm your applications by clicking on the Grants Hub banner on the top left corner of the page and then going to My Projects > Select the project you applied with > My Applications on the right-hand side.
  • You can see if your application is In Review, Approved, or Rejected.
Note: with each application you submit, you will have to pay gas fees, because creating/editing a project is an on-chain transaction*.*