Non-Alpha round grantees FAQ

For those grantees not participating in the Alpha round, please find a list of FAQ's below. This page will be periodically updated as more information comes to light.

When can I participate in grants again

  • Your community can still contribute to your project via cGrants; however, there is no matching at this time. A more comprehensive range of QF rounds will take place in March and April on the protocol, where we anticipate almost all existing grants will be able to participate.

When can I access my profile on Grants protocol?

  • There is no user profile creation process yet besides Passport; however, in Q1 2023, anyone can create their grant’s profile on Grant’s Hub.

Why am I not in this round? Why can’t I be in this round? Why are others in this round and not me?

  • The eligibility for the limited Alpha rounds and the reasoning behind those decisions can be found in this Gov post.

How can non-alpha grantees still participate (if possible)?

  • Only by donating - but look for announcements on future Alpha rounds and the upcoming protocol launch!
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