Why can't I access my account?
Gitcoin has a number of products and features that in order to work properly require users to act with honesty and integrity. Otherwise they are susceptible to Sybil and Collusion attacks.
For this reason, Gitcoin maintains the ability to block a user account based on what we perceive is malicious behavior. Part of decentralizing Gitcoin includes creating an appeal process which can be adjudicated by our Community Stewards.
This process is currently in the works. If you think your account has been unfairly blocked, please fill out this appeal request form.
Here are some of the reasons why your account may be blocked:
  • Users who have been found violating our terms of service by creating multiple accounts
  • Users who have posted racist, sexist, or otherwise offensive content
  • Users who have engaged in harrassing other Gitcoin users
  • Users who have been found violating our terms of service by engaging in impersonation or fraud
This is not an exhaustive list, simply the most common reasons. The Gitcoin team is responsible for creating a safe environment for users to work for the open internet and fund public goods. Our decisions are for the betterment of the ecosystem as a whole. By decentralizing Gitcoin, we will turn the power of account mediation back to the community through a transparent and politically decentralized appeal process. Please be patient with our team while the community figures out how to conduct this process.
Learn more about quadratic funding & sybil attack on our Youtube Playlist:
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